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What is Campaign SightFirst?

Building on a challenge back in 1925 when Helen Keller threw down the gauntlet to Lions to become "Knights of the Blind in the crusade against darkness" the work of Lions clubs has been synonymous with service to the blind.

Lions instigated the White Cane; introduced and continued to support Guide Dog Schools; operate the majority of the worlds eye banks; provide sheltered workshops and vocational training and have built up an impressive record in sight related issues.

With around 42 million people suffering from blindness in the world today, Lions,internationally realised that many suffered from illnesses, conditions and problems which were generally not too difficult to treat successfully using relatively simple processes. In 1990, the International Lions 'SightFirst' project was launched with the aim of eradicating preventable and reversible blindness, hopefully by the early part of the twenty first century.

Many millions of pounds have been pledged to run a variety of campaigns under the SightFirst banner and already many thousands of people, particularly in third world countries will not face the prospect of living in a world of darkness.

SightFirst Officer